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The mission and purpose of the Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church of Newark, New Jersey is to fulfill the Great Commission, as instructed by Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:18-20. In being obedient to Christ, we commit ourselves to this mission of evangelism and discipleship. We understand the importance of winning souls for Christ and becoming mature, responsible Christians ourselves. Therefore, we organize every area of our church to live out this command.

Smyrna Missionary Baptist Church is to be a well-rounded ministry that is Christ centered, biblically-based, and purpose-driven to reach our community for Christ. We realize that we cannot settle for mediocrity. Our church will afford the members free course of ministry to challenge them and change a generation.

The overall environment of our church will be warm and inviting to all who attend our worship services, weekly activities, and special events. The leadership of our church will be models of Christian virtue and the epitome of the servant leadership exhibited by Christ. The ministry auxiliaries of our church will promote excellence in their service and programming, providing such Christian fellowship that will build the spiritual lives of our membership. The congregation of our church will daily seek the Lord in every endeavor to make sure that we are personally following the example of Christ, his disciples, and the early Christian church.

As Christ through his messenger instructed the church at Smyrna in Revelations 2:10, we will work faithfully to build the Kingdom through our worship, Gospel preaching, Bible teaching, personal evangelism, missionary efforts, and through consistent Christian living to grow the church and the community. We understand that this mission must continue until the return of Christ and in doing this, it is not for our credit, but God's glory.

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